How To Send SMS

To send bulk sms,

1. Register on Click on create account 

3. Login with the username and password you entered when filling the registration form

4. Then click on "Compose SMS" on the left hand side of the website

5. Then on the page that comes up, Type your name (SENDER ID you want to use in sending the sms (maximum of 11 characters) in the "Sender ID" field

6. Type the destination numbers you are sending the message to in the "Type Recipients" field (in the format: 2348077935900 or 08021182263). If the number is more than one, you can use a comma, semicolon or type each number on a separate line to seperate the numbers

7. Type your message in the "Message" field

8. You can save your message as draft for a later use

9. Click on the send button.


If you are sending to much numbers, It’s advisable to create a phone book group

How Do I create a Phone Group?

Click on “Phone book”

Click on "ADD MULTIPLE" tab, enter the name of the group, (for instance you want to have the numbers of your friends in one group), simply type friends and paste or upload your recipients to the space provided, then click on "ADD RECORD"

If you want to add a single number to a group, Click on “ADD A NEW USER RECORD TO PHONE BOOK” and add the number

To delete a group, click on “DELETE A GROUP AND ALL IT’S RECORD”

To delete a single number, click on “DELETE A PHONE NUMBER” and delete the number

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