Solution to Numbers Affected by MTN Do Not Disturb (DND) Service

Recently, MTN Nigeria implemented Do Not Disturb (DND) Policy as directed by Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) which has the effect of blocking bulk SMS and other third party SMS from reaching MTN subscribers phone numbers. This policy affects about half of MTN subscribers phone numbers because it appears that MTN has automatically activated the DND Service on many lines even without the owners consent.

Due to this unforeseen event, the delivery rate of our bulk SMS has reduced because persons who previously received our bulk SMS no longer do so as MTN has automatically activated DND Service on their lines.

*** UPDATE ***

You can now send SMS on our website to all MTN lines affected by DND and the SMS will be delivered by default using our corporate route. SMS price for this route is 2.9 units per SMS to MTN numbers while other networks remain 1.7 unit per SMS.

 To help resolve the issue of non delivery of bulk SMS to MTN numbers with activated DND Service, we decided to educate our esteemed customers and by extention their customers/members on how to de-activate the DND Service on their lines and start getting bulk SMS delivered to their phones.

 As a bulk SMS user, if you notice that bulk SMS are no longer delivered to some MTN numbers on your contact list after confirming your sent SMS delivery status, contact all those on your cantact list or those concerned using the regular SMS on your phone just once.

You will have to inform them to send "ALLOW" to 2442 to disable the DND Service.


To check if your line is being limited by the DND Service if you have an MTN line, do the following:

  •  Text "STATUS" to 2442 to confirm your status on the DND Service if you are active or not.